Monday, January 30th, 2017
08:00-13:00Registration in Main Hall
09:30-10:00Opening Ceremony, A-209
10:00-10:50Plenary Session - Chair:
György Terdik
10:00-10:50Plenary talk, A-209
Tien Van Do
The Spectral Expansion Method for the Performance Evaluation of ICT Systems
10:50-11:20Coffee-break, Main Hall
11:20-13:00Plenary Session - Chair:
Gergely Kovásznai
11:20-12:10Plenary talk, A-209
István Fazekas
Scale-free random networks
12:10-13:00Plenary talk, A-209
Lehel Csató
So DEEP learning, so what / Classical estimation methods and new perspectives
13:00-14:00Lunch, Main Hall
14:00-15:40Sections in A-112 and A-214
15:40-16:20Coffee-break, Main Hall
16:20-18:00Sections in A-112 and A-214
19:30-24:00Welcome party, Main Hall
"A" Section in A-112
Software Design and Object Oriented Programming - Chair: Zoltán Porkoláb
14:00-14:20Gábor KusperWestern Canon of Software Engineering Principles
14:20-14:40Zoltán Ernő Csajbók, Péter Takács and József KödmönOn the Implementation of Multiset Relations and Operations
14:40-15:00Zoltán CzirkosUsing Generator Functions in Algorithmic Visualizations
15:00-15:20Tamás KrutkiSymbolic computation with the sygnm computer algebra system
15:20-15:40Bence Számel and Géza SzabóFunctional model of a decision support tool for Air Traffic Control supervisors
Internet of Things - Chair: György Terdik
16:20-16:40Mohamed Amine Korteby and Zoltán GálEnergy consumption of Geographic Routing Mechanisms in Wireless Sensor Networks - a Survey
16:40-17:00Zoltán Gál and György TerdikFractal clustering and similarity measure methods for analysis of Wireless LAN controller efficiency
17:00-17:20Gergely Nagy and Zoltán PorkolábPerformance Issues with Implicit Resolution in Scala
17:20-17:40Gábor KusperGenerate a 3-SAT Problem from a Directed Graph by Algorithm BalatonBoglár
17:40-18:00Ágnes KonkolyInnovative R tools supporting market survey quality
"B" Section in A-214
Functional Programming and other fields of Applied Informatics - Chair: Tamás Kozsik
14:00-14:20Krisztián DeákManufacturing defect size estimation of tapered roller bearings from the vibration signal using discrete wavelet transform with Symlet wavelets and image processing
14:20-14:40Attila Bagossy and Péter BattyányiInvestigations in the realm of unconventional computing
14:40-15:00Viktória ZsókCoordinating Smart Distributed Systems
15:00-15:20Melinda Tóth and Dániel LukácsRecovering Erlang conditionals from BEAM bytecode
15:20-15:40Péter Takács and Zoltán Ernő CsajbókConnection of flow graphs and contingency tables
Education and other fields of Applied Informatics - Chair: Lehel Csató
16:20-16:40Zsuzsanna Szalayné TahyGuess the Code of Conditional Summation
16:40-17:00Győző HorváthA web-based programming environment for introductory programming courses in higher education
17:00-17:20Péter Szlávi, Gábor Törley and László ZsakóCognitive Operations in Use
17:20-17:40László Zsakó, Győző Horváth and László Gábor MenyhártTeaching web in public education
17:40-18:00Zoltán Illés, Viktória H. Bakonyi and Zoltán Jnr. IllésModern environment inspired education
Tuesday, January 31th, 2017
08:00-13:00Registration in Main Hall
09:30-10:20Plenary Session - Chair:
Tudor Jebelean
09:30-10:20Plenary talk, A-209
Gergely Kovásznai
How Hard is Bit-Precise Reasoning?
10:20-10:50Coffee-break, Main Hall
10:50-12:30Plenary Session - Chair:
Roland Király
10:50-11:40Plenary talk, A-209
Zoltán Porkoláb
Traps and Pitfalls in C++11/14 Migration
11:40-12:30Plenary talk, A-209
Tamás Kozsik, Melinda Tóth and István Bozó
Divide a Divide-and-Conquer into a Divide and a Conquer
12:30-13:00Poster Section - Chair: Miklós Hoffmann
13:00-14:00Lunch, Main Hall
14:00-15:40Sections in A-112 and A-214
15:40-16:20Coffee-break, Main Hall
16:20-18:00Sections in A-112 and A-214
19:00-19:30We walk together to "Kulacs Csárda", ~1.6km, ~20min walking.
19:30-22:00Dinner and wine-sampling in "Kulacs Csárda"
Poster Section in A-209
Chair: Miklós Hoffmann
12:30-12:40Gábor Horváth, Attila Páter-Részeg and Norbert PatakiDetecting Misusages of the C++ Standard Template Library
12:40-12:50Dávid Kis and Norbert PatakiSource Code-based Steganography
12:50-13:00Bence Babati, Gábor Horváth, Viktor Májer and Norbert PatakiStatic Analysis Toolset with Clang
"A" Section in A-112
Computer Graphics - Chair: Hellmuth Stachel
14:00-14:20Ákos Tóth and Roland KunkliAn automated method for creating cages for high definition 3D meshes
14:20-14:40Kinga Kruppa, Roland Kunkli and Miklós HoffmannCombining and extending the features of circle skinning algorithms
14:40-15:00Gábor ValasekGenerating Distance Fields from Parametric Plane Curves
15:00-15:20Ferenc Nagy, Roland Kunkli and Miklós HoffmannImproved algorithm to find isoptic surface for three-dimensional objects
15:20-15:40Csaba Bálint and Gábor ValasekInteractive Rendering Framework for Distance Function Representations
Computer Graphics - Chair: Gábor Valasek
16:20-16:40Ede Mátyás Troll and Miklós HoffmannOn the caustic of the Bézier curve
16:40-17:00Hellmuth StachelReflection in quadratic surfaces
17:00-17:20György Papp and Roland KunkliTable visualization with improved circular layout technique
17:20-17:40László Aszalós and Dávid NagyVisualization of tolerance relations
17:40-18:00Ildikó Papp and Marianna ZicharModelling and printing in 3D at higher education
"B" Section in A-214
Cryptography and Cloud Services - Chair: Tibor Tajti
14:00-14:20Andrea Huszti and Norbert OláhSecuring cloud authentication
14:20-14:40Dániel Csubák, Tamás Vörös and Attila KissTransparent cloud service encryption
14:40-15:00Ábel GaraiCloud Service Architecture Optimization Methodology for Telemedicine and e-Health Interoperability
15:00-15:20Andrea Huszti and Zita KovácsA provably secure mix-net
15:20-15:40Péter HudobaCryptography based on Erdős-Rényi random graphs
Education and other fields of Applied Informatics - Chair: Sándor Király
16:20-16:40Katalin Szücs and Attila KissEvent Detection on Call Data Records
16:40-17:00Péter BernátComparison of problem-type oriented and instruction oriented methods of teaching programming through the use of Scratch programming language
17:00-17:20Hajnalka TormaUsing the Flipped Classroom Method in Primary Education Informatics Classes
17:20-17:40István Károly Boda, Erzsébet Tóth, István Csont and László T. NagySupporting language learning in the three-dimensional model of the ancient Library of Alexandria
17:40-18:00Rastislav Žitný, Štefan Balla and Tibor SzabóDesign Thinking and Digital Innovation Cooperative Project
Wednesday, February 1st, 2017:
08:00-10:00Registration in Main Hall
09:00-10:40Sections in A-112 and A-214
10:40-11:20Coffee-break, Main Hall
11:20-13:00Sections in A-112 and A-214
13:00-14:00Lunch, Main Hall
14:00-15:20Sections in A-112 and A-214
15:20-15:40Coffee-break, Main Hall
15:40-17:00Sections in A-112 and A-214
17:00-17:30Closing ceremony, A-112
"A" Section in A-112
Medical Informatics and Operational Research - Chair: Tibor Juhász
09:00-09:20Márton IspányAnalysis of time series of respiratory disease and air pollution data
09:20-09:40Tamás Bérczes, Ádám Tóth and Ramin KarimiInvestigation of Hadoop System
09:40-10:00Tuan Hai Nguyen and Tien V. DoAsynchronous working vacations in the M/M/2 queue
10:00-10:20László Kovács, Anita Agárdi and Bálint DebreceniEffiiency Analysis of Vertex Clustering in Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem
10:20-10:40Tibor Dulai, Ágnes Werner-Stark and Gyula ÁbrahámImprovement of resource allocation in workflows by stochastic method
Testing and Verification - Chair: Tudor Jebelean
11:20-11:40Edit PengőApplying Heurisctics to Improve our Java Symbolic Execution Engine
11:40-12:00Attila Nagy and Péter KeresztesSimulation Environment for Investigation Delay Insensitivity of Data Flow Structure Asynchronous Networks and Systems
12:00-12:20Artúr PoórWhen Desugaring Makes Your Code Sour -- Reducing The Number Of False Positives and Negatives With External Tool
12:20-12:40Sándor Király, Szilveszter Székely, Roland Király and Tamás BallaSome aspects of using RPC
12:40-13:00Péter GyimesiAn open-source solution for automatic bug database creation
"A" Section in A-112
Artificial Intelligence - Chair: Gergely Kovásznai
14:00-14:20Gergely BudayVerifying Concurrent ML Programs
14:20-14:40László SzathmáryFinding frequent closed itemsets with an extended version of the Eclat algorithm
14:40-15:00Erika Ábrahám and Tudor JebeleanAdapting Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition for Proof Specific Tasks
15:00-15:20Dhafer R. Zaghar, Dhulfiqar A Alwahab and Sándor LakiEnhancing the FIR Filter Design Using Neural Networks
Artificial Intelligence - Chair: Gábor Kusper
15:40-16:00Tibor TajtiPerformance Evaluation of Neural Network Algorithm using Evolutionary Algorithm
16:00-16:20Dávid Kolozsvári, Norbert Bátfai, Renátó Besenczi, Fanny Monori, Gergő Bogacsovics, Kristóf Fábián and Péter JeszenszkyPractical Robopsychology: Samu is Learning the Passengers of the RoboTaxis
16:20-16:40Fanny Monori, Norbert Bátfai, Renátó Besenczi, Dávid Kolozsvári, Gergő Bogacsovics, Kristóf Fábián, Péter Jeszenszky and Márton IspányPractical Robopsychology: Samu is Learning the Traffic of the City
"B" Section in A-214
Computer Networks - Chair: Zoltán Gál
09:00-09:20Attila KukiUsing Modeler for modeling computer networks
09:20-09:40Máté Cserép, Roderik Lindenbergh and Zoltán VincellérA comparative study of distributed architectures for LiDAR-based change detection
09:40-10:00Teréz Nemes, Ákos Dávid and Zoltán SüleAlgorithmic calculation of reliability of computer network topologies
10:00-10:20Gergely KocsisSpreading models on moving agents
10:20-10:40Attila KukiAnalyzing cluster networks by queueing systems
Computer Networks and Statistics - Chair: Márton Ispány
11:20-11:40Hamza Nemouchi and János SztrikPerformance Evaluation of Finite-Source Cognitive Networks with Non-reliable Services Using Simulation
11:40-12:00Ágnes Baran and Tamás VertseReflections of the resonant wave functions in cut-off potentials
12:00-12:20Attila Perecsényi and István FazekasScale-free properties of the weights in a random graph model
12:20-12:40István Fazekas and Bettina Lívia Lukácsné PorvázsnyikThe asymptotic behavior of a random graph model based on N-interactions
12:40-13:00Lőrinc GaraiUse of statistical software for experimental design
"B" Section in A-214
Software Design and Object Oriented Programming - Chair: Gábor Kusper
14:00-14:20Tibor ÁsványiOn the asymptotic properties of functions and programs
14:20-14:40Dorottya Papp and Norbert PatakiBypassing Memory Leak in Modern C++ Realm
14:40-15:00Tibor Brunner and Zoltán PorkolábProgramming Language History: Experiences based on the Evolution of C++
15:00-15:20Richárd Szalay, Zoltán Porkoláb and Dániel KruppSymbol Clustering: Resolving ambiguous symbol references of large-scale C,C++ projects based on linkage information
Database Systems - Chair: László Kovács
15:40-16:00Oktavian Abraham LantangCollecting and Preprocessing Data Text in Social Media
16:00-16:20András Béleczki and Zoltán VincellérComparing Predictive Analytics Libraries based on Historical Datasets
16:20-16:40Csaba Szugyiczki, Viktória Kurják, Gergely Kovásznai and Miklós BánCross-platform Mobile Development for Spatial Biological Databases
16:40-17:00Mohammed Fekhreddine Seridi and Sándor LakiTowards Programmable Data Planes